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Bergerson& Co. Law Offices
Rogovin-Tidhar Tower, 21 st Floor
11 Menachem Begin Rd. Ramat Gan 52681. Israel

Tel: 972-3-7556900
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The firm specializes in commercial and civil law, and in particular in the fields of corporate liquidation and receivership, corporate recovery programs, all aspects of real estate, including consultation and handling of planning and construction, court appearances and management of legal proceedings including in the field of taxation. The firm has particular experience in representation vis-a-vis government and local authorities on issues of banking, capital investments, hi-tech, tenders and agriculture.
We would like to emphasize a number of issues and matters that are handled, and have been handled by the Firm in recent years:

Ampa Consumption Products Inc. – Submitting a request of receivership for Ampa Consumption Products Inc. The Company's business was to grant service and insurance to home electrical appliances for hundreds of thousands of Israeli families. During the legal procedures, the transaction to sell the Company's activity as a going concern in the field of electrical appliances reparation, which are marketed mainly by Crystal. The business was sold to a company that obligated to continue to provide services in this field, so that a the continuity of the Company's marketing activity will remain, while the purchasing company absorbed the majority of the Company's employees.

Burger-ranch Center [1983] Inc. – The Burger-ranch company operated a chain of approximately 50 fast food restaurants Israel wide, and has 1,200 employees. The Company eventually could not proceed as a going concern. The company's creditors filed a liquidation request and a receivership request. Adv. Bergerson was appointed as the Company's liquidator together with another liquidator and a receiver. The three appointees ran the chain for a few months, until the procedures to sell the chain as a going concern to Burger King were completed. The transaction was approved by the Tel-Aviv district court, and by the Israeli Antitrust Authority General Director.

Nehoshtan Investment Company Inc. – A public company that found it self in financial hardship due to substantial debts to banks. Adv. Bergerson along with Adv. Cohen were appointed as the Company's receivers. In this structure, the receivers are operating in order to realize the Company's property, including its real-estate property, and the projects in which it is involved.

Raz Ignorers Constructors for Infrastructure and Development Labor - The Company engaged in the field of instillation systems and giving services to local authorities with regards to infrastructure, instillation and sewage. The Company found it self in financial hardship, which prevented the duration of its activity. A bankruptcy reorganization procedure request was submitted by Bergerson & Co. During the reorganization period the Company was operated for several months, during which a settlement was reached by and among the Company's creditors, which was approved by the Jerusalem district court, and the Company eventually became fully operational again.

Highsem Krof Buuilding Company – Conducting a creditors arrangement for a construction company that found it self in financial hardship. The arrangement was approved by the court and is execution process.

Nerot Etzion agricultural cooperative association Ltd. – Owned a plant for production of decorative candles and was in severe financial difficulties. In the first stage a procedure of activating the plant was reached and later it was successfully sold as an on-going business, maintaining its production capability.

Sayeret I. Levok Ltd. – The company had been engaged prior to its collapse in providing guarding and security services to dozens of sites and customers in the vicinity of the city of Haifa and employed approximately 1000 employees. The activity of the company was sold to a third party in a quick move, through which advocate Bergerson, appointed as temporary liquidator, succeeded in keeping most of the company's businesses and in selling them.

Off Kor Ltd - Adv. Bergerson conducted a management and rehabilitation program for the Off Kor company, specializing in slaughter and processing poultry. The company employed 250 employees with a significant turnover. Said settlement involved large investments by the State and by the Histadrut [the Israel Workers Association].

Snepsheild Ltd. – A hi-tech company in the field of communication and coding. The company had debts and could not raise up additional sums. The treatment included filing of a petition for a freez of proceedings in accordance with article 350 of the companies law, special management for a period of several months on behalf of the shareholders, performance of arrangement of creditors and approval thereof by the court and control over its performance, and successful competition of the arrangement of creditors.

Liquidation of the Avraham Gindi Ltd. Group of Companies - this group of companies was one of the largest in Israel in the construction industry. The shares of one of the companies of the Avraham Gindi Ltd. group were traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. As liquidators, it was necessary to complete the construction of hundreds of apartments and deliver them to the purchasers, and to prepare many contracts and transactions extensive in scope and time. For that purpose all operations involved in constructing large projects and selling assets were performed, from the earliest stages of examining the assets' legal, physical and planning status, appraisals, tax considerations, approval and amendment of town building plans, up to completing the construction including all legal aspects thereof.

Receivership and Operation of Magen Elevators Co. Ltd. – receivership, on behalf of Bank Hapoalim Ltd., for one of the largest elevator companies in Israel, which included operating the company by means of its employees, selling service portfolios to another company as a 'going concern', including obtaining the approval of the Commissioner of Restrictive Trade Practices, realization of vehicles and elevator equipment and completion of various projects all over the country.

In the field of real estate, we shall emphasize a number of issues and matters handled by the firm in recent years:

Real Estate Promotion / Development - assisting and representing entrepreneurs and individual land owners in developing and constructing on land, from the mediation stage, through the local and regional committees and up to contracting with contractors and constructing on and selling the land, on behalf of the owners or as representative of the owners.

Nichsei Hahistadrut [Real Estate] Ltd. - dealing with and selling all assets of the New General Union of Workers, the Workers Corporation and all subsidiaries. The work included locating and collecting real estate assets, sorting and processing information, constructing asset portfolios, issuing tenders for sale of real estate, and development and improvement of the assets. In addition, negotiating with the Israel Land Administration and handling the sale and improvement of many real estate assets in large cities and all over the country.

Assets Companies – handling and accompanying Companies that have structures and many real-estate assets. The handling includes the sail of the real-estate properties in vast amounts of money in tender procedures, negotiation and enrichment procedures, and a constant legal handling of the other assets.

Construction Transactions and Financing [C.L.] - rendering opinions and consultations on the issues of financing construction by means of bank financing, and handling large-scale construction projects, including examining the assets from the aspects of their legal status, taxation, buyers, etc.

Representation and Appearance in Courts-
Representation and appearance in tribunal courts for private clients, companies and massive corporations including banks and public companies, in different legal fields. We shall specify the main legal fields:
Legal representation in the commercial field – receivership processes and liquidation, creditors settlements, bankruptcies and appearances before liquidation judges in Israeli district courts and execution offices.
Legal Representation concerning land – evacuation suits, proceedings in the development and construction field, representation in front of local committees, appeal committees, district committees, administrative courts, proceedings involving the Israeli land administration.
In the field of taxation – counseling and handling cases in front of the Israeli tax authorities, management of procedures and appeals in variant tax courts, VAT, local authorities tax, improvement levy and improvement tax.

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