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Bergerson& Co. Law Offices
Rogovin-Tidhar Tower, 21 st Floor
11 Menachem Begin Rd. Ramat Gan 52681. Israel

Tel: 972-3-7556900
Fax: 972-3-6960441


Bergerson & Co. is a law firm, which provides a range of professional services in the fields of Israeli and international commercial

 and civil law. These services are available to individuals and companies with an emphasis on personal attention, quality and reliability.
The firm was founded in 1977 by Shaul Bergerson and over the years has acquired special expertise in various sectors including: commercial law, liquidation and receivership, arrangements for firms in difficulty, land, planning and construction, taxation, tenders law, legal suits [including class actions], contracts, labor law, debt collection and real estate.

Litigation and Legal Proceedings
Real Estate Legal Proceedings – representing private and commercial bodies in various court suits related to planning and building: administrative courts, local and regional councils, procedures with the Israel Land Administration [ILA].

Banking Legal Proceedings – representing banks and private and commercial bodies suing and being sued in commercial and business law matters.

Legal Proceedings from Insolvency – receivership proceedings, liquidation, creditors arrangements, appearances before liquidation judges in the various district courts.

Legal Proceedings on Tenders – suits regarding tenders by bodies and authorities under the Tenders Law in real estate, contracting, services etc.

Class Action Suits – handling cases as both plaintiff and defendant, such as the class action suit against Haifa Municipality. The Haifa District Court recognized the class action suit and instructed the municipality to change local tax regulations.

Insolvency Procedures
The firm has expertise and extensive experience in insolvency procedures. Among the topics and matters handled in the liquidation, receivership and recovery arrangements for companies in difficulty are:

Ampa Products Ltd. – receivership for the company, which provided service and insurance for household electrical appliances to hundreds of thousands of homes. As part of the legal proceedings, a deal for the sale of the company’s activities as a going concern was completed in the household appliances sector marketing mainly for Crystal. The business was sold to the company, which committed to continue giving services in this sector.

Burger Ranch Center [1983] Ltd. – the company operated a chain of fast food outlets with 50 branches and 1,200 employees. The company’s creditors filed a liquidation request for receivership. Shaul Bergerson was appointed company receiver together with other liquidators and receivers. The officers appointed continued operating the chain for several months until its sale as a going concern to Burger King. The sale was approved by the Tel Aviv District Court and the Antitrust Authority.

Nechustan Investment Co. – a public company which encountered difficulties due to substantial debts to the banks. Adv. Bergerson together with Adv. Cohen were appointed company receivers and worked to realize the company’s property, including real estate assets and the projects in which it was involved.

Raz Engineering Contractors – the company provides services to local authorities on infrastructures, plumbing and sewage. The company encountered difficulties, which prevented continued operations. A stay of proceedings was filed by Bergerson, which has been in force for several months. During this period creditors arrangements have been made for the company’s debts of NIS 60 million, which was approved by the court. The company is again functioning.

Real Estate Sector
Legal Representation on the Topic of Land – evacuation orders, planning and building procedures, representation before local committees, appeals committees, regional committees, administrative courts, procedures with the ILA, representing companies with major real estate assets such as the Clalit Health Fund, private and business entities.

Handling Companies with Major Real Estate Assets – setting up mechanisms for handling and selling real estate for asset companies, including locating and coordinating land assets, sorting and processing information, building an asset portfolio, tenders for sale of land, and development and improvement of land.

Initiating and Supporting Land and Construction Deals – supporting and representing developers, private landowners, and public companies in developing land and construction including arranging deals. Support is from the planning stage through local and regional committees and includes contacts with contractors, financing arrangements, construction and sale. Projects that the firm

 has developed and supported recently include: Dizengoff Frishman project in Tel Aviv, acquisition of the Lieber complex in Tel Aviv, development and improving land in Hod Hasharon and Gedera.

Financing Construction – consultancy to bank and developers on financing construction, guarantees, sales law and all related matters, while supporting specific projects.

Commercial and Contractual Deals
In this field the firm is involved in domestic and international deals for various contracts, including know-how and technology contracts for large-scale projects in both the commercial and military sectors. Due Diligence investigations – for bodies making investments of substantial amounts.

Debt Collection and Legal Procedures
The firm has a Debt Collection Department for commercial bodies and banks.

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